Wedding & Elopement Photographer in Tuscany

Why Say ‘I Do’ in Italy

Getting married in Tuscany offers the unique opportunity to begin your love story in a breathtaking environment. Whether you’re exchanging vows, eloping to Italy, or planning a big ceremony, a wedding abroad allows you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Embarking on this adventure together with your significant other adds an extra layer of excitement and romance to your wedding experience.

By hiring your wedding photographer in Tuscany, you ensure that every moment of your special day is captured against the stunning scenery of Italy. From preparations to ceremonies and celebrations, your love story will be beautifully preserved for years to come. So why wait? Pack your wedding dress, embrace your love, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality in Tuscany!

Wedding in Tuscany?

Happens in Movies, Happens in Real Life.

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There are endless reasons to love destination elopements, but one of my favorite is the serenity of being alone with your partner. Here are some key characteristics of an elopement in Tuscany:


Elopements offer ultimate privacy and intimacy, perfect for couples who want a romantic escape without the fuss, while capturing only the intimate moments with breathtaking photography.


With fewer guests and minimal planning, elopements are straightforward and stress-free, allowing you to focus solely on each other while your photographer captures the authentic emotions.


Elopements can take place literally anywhere, from secluded beaches along the Tuscan coast to charming vineyards nestled in the rolling hills, providing stunning backdrops for your creative photography session.


A wedding in stunningly beautiful Tuscany, one of the most famous Italy’s region is the best choice for every couples! Let’ see the most important factors to considerate for organizing a wedding in Tuscany:


Weddings involve inviting guests, making it ideal for couples who want to share their special day with family and friends. Your photographer will capture then all the cherished moments shared with your loved ones.


Weddings require more planning including paperwork, venue selection, guest accommodations, catering, and entertainment. This will also allow your photographer to create a complete visual narrative.


Wedding ceremonies typically follow traditional formats, with exchange of vows, rings, and other rituals, adding a formal touch. Your photographer will capture all these precious moments settled in awesome gardens or villas.

Vow Renewals

Renewing your vows in Tuscany is an intimate and deeply meaningful experience. Ideal for celebrating a milestone anniversary or to simply express your love once again for the following reasons:


Vow renewals are a chance to reaffirm your commitment and celebrate your love, allowing your photographer to capture the joy and emotion of this special occasion in a beautiful environment.


Vow renewals are less formal than weddings with less elements, allowing for a relaxed and casual atmosphere where you can focus on your relationship, resulting in authentic and candid photography.


Vow renewals can be customized to reflect your unique journey as a couple. Personalized vows in locations like Tuscan olive groves or medieval towns will add opportunities for a creative and personalized photography session.


Tuscany is a famous wedding and elopement destination worldwide which hosts couples from all over the world for their wedding. As a photographer I offer services for different cultures from east to west making sure that your tradition will blend in the local environment.

Different Wedding Landscapes

Tuscany awaits, offering a mix of stunning landscapes and timeless charm. Whether you’re dreaming of a city celebration, a rustic countryside affair, or a serene seaside gathering, Tuscany has it all.


Capital of the Italian region Tuscany, the biggest city in the area offers stunning backdrops for art lovers. The birthplace of the Renaissance is a vibrant place which is always full of life.

Medieval Towns

It’s not just Florence, Lucca or Siena. Each little town in this region looks like a fairytale and many of them has centuries old townhalls to organize ceremonies. If you imagine walking through cobble stoned streets and ancient walls this might be the ideal setting for your wedding.

The Countryside of Tuscany

Rolling hills, cypress trees, and olive fields are the dominant characteristics of this region. A photoshoot in golden hour or a road trip to the nature are for the adventure lovers.

Spoiler alert: your dress will get dirty.

Farm Gardens

You can organize your symbolic or official wedding in rustic farmhouses or elegant villas and have a photoshoot after in their garden. These agriturismo are offering dining possibilities with their homemade wine, oil and vegetables.

The Seaside of Tuscany

Rural nature, blue sky, sea, sand and dune are the decorations of every seaside weddings. If you wish to say ‘I do’ barefoot, Tuscany won’t disappoint you.

Unique Adventures

There is no one-size-fits-all formula. An elopement in Tuscany is an experience. An intentionally authentic day where the focus is on you. That means you spend it as you want.

All Of My Wedding Photography Package Includes

  • One Professional Photographer
  • Online Consultation
  • Crafting a Unique Timeline and Planning Your Activities
  • Sneak peek in 48 hours
  • Online Gallery To Share and Download Pictures

Wedding photography collections are starting at €600 for 2 hours of coverage.

CIAO, I’m Eva

A Professional Photographer Based in Florence, Italy

What sets me apart as a photographer is my natural ability to make you feel comfortable during your photo session. Feeling nervous in front of the camera is completely normal, so I make sure to create a warm atmosphere where you can feel relaxed. With my friendly approach I’ll help you to forget any worries so you can enjoy the moment. Because when you feel comfortable, your true beauty will shine through in every photo.

Kind Words

Thanks for handling things the way you did

Eva, you have absolutely been a great value on our beautiful day! Thanks for handling things the way you did, you really helped us through this great day! Lina couldn’t have been happier, and thanks to you now we have beautiful pictures to prove so! You made our wedding day special.

Steve, Belgium

Thank you again a million times over!

Thank you so much for everything yesterday. Our wedding day was magical and way more than we could’ve expected on even the most perfect day. Your discretion and guidance throughout the day was amazing and the sneak peeks we just received are equally awesome. We can’t thank you enough. The photos look great! You are incredible at what you do. Thank you again a million times over!

Rob, Texas

It’s hard to choose only two pictures to put up on the wall.

WOW! The pictures are sooooo pretty! You did such a good job!!! You’re an amazing photographer, made us feel so comfortable and we loved doing the photoshoot with you! It’s hard to choose only two pictures to put up on the wall. Perfect pictures of a perfect day!

Laura, The Netherlands

How is It Working With Me?

Getting married in Tuscany is a very unique experience and I am here to help you to keep the memories forever. During your Big Day I will photograph your smiles, your kisses, your hugs… But not just that! I’ll be your personal stylist during the shootings, your translator if needed, your local expert, a calm presence in the background during emotional moments or a creative mind to capture beautiful images using Tuscany as a background.

Your Kind of Wedding

I’m specialized on elopements and small intimate weddings, therefore I offer packages for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours of coverage. If you are dreaming about a romantic, quiet ceremony in Tuscany with just the two of you or with your closest beloved ones, without a big reception or many elements, then I’m the ideal photographer for you.

My typical weddings are between 2-50 guests for 4 or 6 hours of coverage but even only 2 hours of coverage are available for those minimalist. Most of the time I work alone but sometimes for more than 50 guests I bring an assistant or a second shooter with me. (If required I can bring also a videographer.)

Why You Can Sit Back And Relax

My superpower is to make people relaxed around me, even in a stressful situation. If you choose to work with me you can expect a cheerful, calm but typical Italian day where I will patiently guide you through the main elements of the day: capturing some memorable moments of you getting ready, following you walking down the aisle, capturing the two of you saying your vows (which I mastered to do even with tears in my eyes) and pulling together everyone for a giant group picture.

What You Will enjoy the Most

My favorite part of the day is the creative session where I can let my fantasy go to capture dreamy sunsets, breathtaking landscapes, curvy streets with cypresses, olive lands, vineyards or medieval streets with the two of you in the middle! If you are looking for pictures to hang on your wall, this is the part to focus on! Yes, I hear you saying that you don’t know how to pose and that your future husband is not into that part but don’t worry about that! As I mentioned, I really know how to make everyone relaxed.

Wherever you dream of

I typically shoot weddings, elopements, engagements and honeymoons in Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Lucca, Volterra, the countryside of Tuscany, the seaside of Tuscany, anywhere nearby Florence or sometimes even in the south of Tuscany in the Val d’Orcia region. I’m proud to be a local photographer and I specialize only in Tuscany to offer the best local experience.

What is Your Guarantee

Apart from my professional attitude and experience I work with a full frame mirrorless camera which saves data on two separate memory cards for safety, a backup camera, several prime lenses and many other accessories.