Meet the Photographer

Eva Perocsenyi

From earning my degree in Film and Media Culture to navigating the corporate world, somehow my journey led me to this thriving photography business. Today, as I reflect on my path, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with, teach, and photograph beautiful people like you.

Originally from Budapest, now calling Florence home, my journey through various chapters of life has taught me to understand the fleeting nature of time. Photos are an investment for our future selves, helping us remember what was once important.

As your photographer, I specialize in capturing those unforgettable moments that define your story. With my lens, I freeze time, preserving your life’s most precious seasons. Each portrait I create is a visual memory that will transport you back to this moment whenever you look at it.

Popular locations where I work are Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Lucca, Volterra, Chianti and Val d’Orcia. My photography style blends natural posing with candid moments, and real emotions. I offer portrait, family, and engagement sessions, along with wedding and elopement photography.

A Journey Over Three Decades

It all started with a trip to Rome

  • From Vintage Cameras to Cinematography Degree

My passion for collecting vintage cameras comes from my father who appreciated everything old. He taught me about the inner workings of these creatures, creating in me a deep appreciation for the technical aspects of cameras. He was the first person to place an analogue video camera in my hands, sparking my passion for making videos. This early introduction to videography inspired me to pursue further studies in cinematography, eventually earning a degree in the field.

  • A Vatican Stairway to Fame

In 2004, I purchased my first digital camera. Just a month later, while on the stairs of the Vatican, I captured a photo that quickly gained fame, being published in books and newspapers shortly thereafter. Soon, despite working in the 9-5 corporate world, somehow I found myself photographing friends and family, including my first wedding. Despite feeling like an elephant during the ceremony, I’m forever grateful for the trust and support I received in the very beginning.

  • Journey Into Professional Photography

In 2014, following my inner voice I turned my passion for photography into a full-time profession, obtaining my business license. This wasn’t a straightforward path, as many around me insisted that talent in photography was simply a hobby, not a viable career. Embracing the uncertainty with determination, I embarked on a journey of becoming a professional photographer and dedicated myself to capturing the bright side of life.

  • From Capturing to Educating

Today, few hundreds of sessions later, I still love working with couples and families in and around Florence, and I am also passionate about teaching photography to other hobby and professional photographers while they are on their trip in Italy. During my tours I explain them how to photograph the renaissance beauties of the city, using a combination of camera settings, light and composition. It’s a blessing, and a career that I know came from something bigger than me. 


Behind the Lens

Two More Fun Facts about Me

The Mysterious Origins of My Family Name

Nestled in the northern reaches of Hungary lies the charming village of Perőcsény. With its rich history and tranquil setting in a verdant valley, this quiet place is home to just 400 souls, mostly of them elderly. Atop its gentle hillock, an ancient church stands sentinel, surrounded by the shade of noble walnut trees.

Though Perőcsény may seem worlds away from my urban roots in Budapest, it holds a special place in my heart as the namesake of my family. So, the next time you stumble over the spelling of my surname, I would like you to envision this idyllic village instead of scratching your head over what might seem like the most perplexing word ever.

Cycling Through Florence with Giulietta and a Camera

Giulietta is my bike and companion on the streets of Florence. Most probably she will be the one taking me to our meeting point when we are about to meet. With her vintage design, she’s more than just a mode of transportation – she’s a source of joy and freedom.

Sure, she may have a few defects – like the unpredictable bell or the occasional flat tire – but those only add to her character. And let’s not forget the time she “accidentally” led me on an impromptu tour to Florence’s most famous gelateria, treating us to sweet delights. Giulietta, you may be just a bike, but you’ve brought so much joy into my life. Here’s to many more unforgettable journeys together!

A Bit More

What I’m
  • loving

connecting with clients from all walks of life and sharing memorable experiences together

What I’m
  • learning

a deeper understanding of human connection and storytelling through my photographs

What I’M
  • not about

sacrificing quality for quantity. Each photograph I capture is crafted with care and attention to detail

What I
  • believe

authenticity is key, true beauty shines through when we embrace our genuine selves

My Mood Board

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More Than Just a Photographer

However we met, or if we’re yet to meet, know that I adore each and every person I’ve worked with and look forward to creating your memories in my beloved city.