Photographer In Florence Italy

When you finally make it to Italy

You deserve to feel special

The Italian trip you’ve always dreamed of is finally becoming a reality. And what better way to make it truly unforgettable than by capturing those special moments with your loved ones?

Photos of Your Holiday will be

The only way to remember the trip

The true essence of your holiday can only be captured and remembered through photos. By taking them, you’ll be able to relive the special memories and share them with others long after the trip is over.

But It’s Not Just a Photoshoot

Treat yourself to an unforgettable time

Once in Florence, you are entitled to a full, enriching experience that is memorable and meaningful. An enjoyable and immersive adventure, where photos are part of capturing the essence of your extraordinary journey.

What you’ll have to do on the Photoshoot?

Just Be Yourself.

Traveling with kids and family has it’s own charm and nature. The last thing you want is to stress your spouse and children while on holiday. That’s why you book an experience which goes beyond just taking photos.

Forget the uncomfortable photoshoots you know Because THESE ARE

NOT your ordinary Love Story photos

The word “romantic” doesn’t even begin to make sense until you get to Florence. Here, every moment feels natural. Florence redefines what it means to be together, making your photoshoot a comfortable, unforgettable experience.
A Photoshoot SHould Be Like This.

Stress-free & Authentic

planning to POP the big question?

How you Propose matters

Proposing in Florence is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires expert guidance tailored to your unique vision. From crafting a custom plan to answering all your questions I’m here to help every step of the way.

Getting married in italy Is

more than a traditional wedding

Getting married in Italy isn’t your average wedding – it’s a whole new level of celebration! An unforgettable romantic adventure surrounded by beautiful nature, centuries old history and delicious food.

Who ARE THE PHotoshoots For?

– To the old and the young
– To those that are celebrating and those that are just wandering around
– To the many and the few
– To the gelato lovers, the wine lovers, the sunset lovers, but especially to the experience lovers
– To the camera phobic, the photogenic, and those who like to challenge photographers 🙂
Looking for something different?

Out of The Box Custom Packages

There is no one-size-fits-all formula. A photo session in Tuscany can be different. If you are looking for something unique, I’ll help you customize each detail so you can just sit back and enjoy the day.

CIAO, I’m Eva

A Professional Photographer Based in Florence, Italy

Photos are an investment for our future selves, helping us remember what was once important. As your photographer, I specialize in capturing those unforgettable moments that define your story. With my lens, I freeze time, preserving your life’s most precious seasons. Each portrait I create is a visual memory that will transport you back to this moment whenever you look at it.



As a portrait and wedding photographer based in Florence, Italy, I am deeply familiar with the city’s unique charm and beauty. Being a local in the city of Renaissance, I have the privilege of walking through the streets every day, all year round. I know how the light reflects on the Duomo on a sunny afternoon, how the sunset highlights Ponte Vecchio, and how the changing seasons affect the colors and textures of Florence’s landscape, allowing me to select the perfect locations and timing for my photo sessions. This intimate knowledge ensures that I capture the essence of Florence in my portrait works, offering visitors the opportunity to take home a piece of Italy through my photographs.

Kind Words

I had a good time shooting with Eva!

She is an excellent photographer and knows the best spots to take photos. Highly recommend!”

Aming, China

Wonderful pictures from Eva!

She brought us round to many quiet places despite the crowd and managed to take nice photos of us.
Worth every cent and we had tons of fun too!

Charmaine, US

Eva was incredible!

She came up with many ideas to shoot the best photos at the perfect spots in Florence during my photo shooting session.

Wong, Hong Kong

YourDreamPictures By Eva Perocsenyi

More Than Just a Photographer

However we met, or if we’re yet to meet, know that I adore each and every person I’ve worked with and look forward to creating your memories in my beloved city.